Home Networks – Why it is Time For Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi has become an integral part of our lives and we have all relied on it more than ever during the last two years while living in the middle of a pandemic. However, Wi-Fi, like all other types of technology improves and now we have Wi-Fi 6 which is the next generation of Wi-Fi.

As we rely on Wi-Fi to do many things such as work, play and even enjoying the latest TV shows, it’s time to think about the benefits of Wi-Fi 6.

What is Wi-Fi 6?

This is the next generation of Wi-Fi and to many, it will do the same as your existing Wi-Fi but it has a lot more going on than you might realise. This is because it comes with additional technologies that help to make it more efficient, faster and more reliable which are the things we want and need from Wi-Fi.

So, why is now the time for Wi-Fi 6?

Extend Your Home Network

The reality is that we now need our Wi-Fi connection to reach every corner of the home. From the office at the end of the garden to the games console in the bedroom at the far corner, it’s important that your Wi-Fi makes it possible for everyone to connect. Have you ever stopped to think how many devices actually use home Wi-Fi? There are smart TV’s, laptops, tablets, phones, consoles and a lot more, in fact, there is an average of 18 devices per household. What’s more, this is going to increase by 26% per year and all of this points to the importance of ensuring you have the right Wi-Fi that makes this level of growth more manageable.

Using Wi-Fi 6, you will be able to ensure that everyone has access to your network regardless of where they are around the home. This is particularly important when it comes to working as it will mean that you can rely on your connection, regardless of where you are in the home.

Benefit from Stronger Connections

As more people are connecting to networks using the old Wi-Fi 5, it’s common to see a drop in efficiency, speed and network reliability. Essentially, with a large number of devices connecting at the same time, you are more than likely to experience buffering, slow speeds and in some instances, you might not be able to achieve what you want to achieve.

As Wi-Fi 6 comes with new technologies, this means that it helps to reduce the problems associated with having multiple devices connected to a single network at the same time. Having multiple devices connected to Wi-Fi 5 might result in a reduction in speed and connection strength but Wi-Fi 6 makes it possible to overcome this challenge. It means that routers can communicate with more devices at the same time, sending data to several devices in the same broadcast. This makes it possible for devices to benefit from stronger connections which is vital when you are working from home and others want to use the network at the same time.

Everyone wants faster speeds when it comes to their home networks. It ensures that everything runs smoothly such as streaming TV shows, playing games or carrying out a video conference without any buffering or sound problems. Wi-Fi 6 comes with a technology known as MU-MIMO which stands for multiuser, multiple input, multiple output. While it is used in current routers, the technology is upgraded which means that Wi-Fi 6 routers can communicate with multiple devices at the same time, and this helps to maintain faster speeds.

Work With a Wi-Fi 6 Expert

If you want to upgrade your network and benefit from all that Wi-Fi 6 has to offer, then you should make sure that you work with someone who installs Wi-Fi 6. This will ensure that the network is installed and configured correctly as this will enable you to take advantage of this latest technology and all that comes with it.

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