Video Conferencing

ALTUS offers hybrid solutions that integrate Office365 and Google Workspace to connect your workplace calendar, collaboration software, and technology, resulting in valuable data insights and improved employee experiences.

Key features and benefits of commercial video conferencing systems

High-Quality Video and Audio across any device

These systems offer clear and high-definition video and audio, ensuring that participants can see and hear each other clearly. Video conferencing software is compatible with various devices, including computers, smartphones, and tablets, making it easy for participants to join meetings from their preferred device.

Screen Sharing & multi participant support

Video conferencing systems can accommodate multiple participants in a single meeting, making them ideal for team meetings, client presentations, and webinars Users can share their computer screens, documents, presentations, and other content with participants, enhancing collaboration.

Security & customisation Features

Video conferencing systems can be integrated with other collaboration tools, such as calendar applications and messaging platforms, to streamline communication and scheduling. Altus prioritise data security, offering encryption, user authentication, and other safeguards to protect sensitive information.

Scalability & remote management

Businesses can scale up or down their video conferencing solutions to accommodate changing requirements, such as adding more participants or upgrading hardware. Users, settings, and updates are managed centrally, ensuring a smooth and efficient conferencing experience.

In today’s global and remote work environment, commercial video conferencing systems play a crucial role in fostering effective communication, reducing travel costs, and improving collaboration among teams and clients across different locations.

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