Networks and Wi-Fi

network management and control architectures

ALTUS offers a choice of network management and control architectures to address the requirements of organizations of all types and sizes. These powerful management platforms simplify life for IT teams with converged wired and wireless management. Our control and management systems work with CISCO & MERAKI and RUCKUS access points (APs) and switches to deliver maximum performance, even in the most challenging environments.

Network Management and Network Operations Centre

ALTUS helps you with the critical task of keeping track of the devices in your network. Our systems offer device discovery to identify the devices on your network.


Have equipment from multiple vendors? No need to worry. Working with ALTUS, you can monitor the health and performance of any SNMP-enabled device.

Cyber Security

The wide-ranging nature of cyber attacks means there is no single metric that can be used to identify a compromise in commodity attacks. ALTUS use multiple approved tools and software to identify known compromises and pro-actively l protect against some attacks for certain device types.


Please talk to us about your Cyber Security or Cyber Essentials needs.

Case Studies

Whether you seek inspiration, face a workplace challenge, or are prepared to initiate an entire project, our team of experts is prepared to lend an attentive ear.