Meeting Room & Desk Booking

Video conferencing systems have become an integral part of business life in every industry. Video conferencing systems have changed the way we all do business.


Commercial video conferencing systems are designed to facilitate virtual meetings, discussions, and collaborations among remote participants. It combines audio and video technology to enable real-time, face-to-face interactions over the internet, allowing individuals or groups to connect from different locations.

Meeting Room booking

Room booking system, including cable-free meeting room booking displays and room occupancy sensors, you remove booking frustrations and create better workplace experiences. Our analytics tools will provide you useful occupancy data to help you optimize the use of your meeting rooms.


A lot of time and productivity is wasted looking for the right meeting room. Our innovative and wireless meeting room management solution puts an end to guesswork and provides clear information. Right where and when it’s needed.

Desk booking

Plan your hybrid working week by choosing the days you want to come into the office or work remotely. Enable “Desk Release” to automatically cancel a desk booking if someone hasn’t checked in.

Smart Desk Booking: Enhancing Office Efficiency

Case Studies

Whether you seek inspiration, face a workplace challenge, or are prepared to initiate an entire project, our team of experts is prepared to lend an attentive ear.