Commercial Services

Welcome to Altus Digital Services, where innovation meets seamless integration. With a proven track record since our establishment in 2016, Altus has been a trailblazer in delivering exceptional Audio Visual and Networking projects across Europe.


Our expertise extends to a diverse array of Commercial services, including state-of-the-art Digital Signage and Video Walls, cutting-edge Audio Visual and Integration solutions, reliable Video Conferencing setups, intelligent Meeting Room and Desk Booking systems, as well as robust Networks and Wi-Fi installations.


At Altus, we pride ourselves on elevating your business environment through technology, ensuring that your Commercial integration projects meet and exceed the highest standards.


Commercial LED displays are designed to capture the attention of viewers and deliver information or promotional content in a highly impactful way to increase sales. Clients include retail stores, airports, trade shows, control rooms, corporate offices, restaurants and entertainment venues.


Altus digital services are an accredited and certified master installer of Micro LED display walls, and we can assist in the design, installation and maintenance of your LED display.


Commercial AV (Audio-Visual) systems refer to integrated audio and visual technology solutions designed for business and professional environments.


Commercial AV systems are specialized technology setups employed in corporate boardrooms, conference centres, educational institutions, theatres, hotels, and other commercial venues. They encompass a range of equipment, including projectors, displays, audio speakers, microphones, control systems, and signal processors, all working together to deliver high-quality audio and visual experiences.


ALTUS offers hybrid solutions that integrate Office365 and Google Workspace to connect your workplace calendar, collaboration software, and technology, resulting in valuable data insights and improved employee experiences.


Video conferencing systems have become an integral part of business life in every industry. Video conferencing systems have changed the way we all do business.


Commercial video conferencing systems are designed to facilitate virtual meetings, discussions, and collaborations among remote participants. It combines audio and video technology to enable real-time, face-to-face interactions over the internet, allowing individuals or groups to connect from different locations.


ALTUS offers a choice of network management and control architectures to address the requirements of organizations of all types and sizes. These powerful management platforms simplify life for IT teams with converged wired and wireless management.


Our control and management systems work with CISCO & MERAKI and RUCKUS access points (APs) and switches to deliver maximum performance, even in the most challenging environments.