International Property Developer


High end 6 story (3300 sq ft) residential property in Westminster, London


To provide a complete control system throughout the property encompassing:
• Heating, Lighting and Ventilation (including remote blinds)
• Home Entertainment Suite with Audio Visual throughout the property.
• External hidden and secure thermostatically controlled underground wine cellar
• Full Security Solution including remote Intercom and door entry system
• New cabling and WIFI optimisation throughout the property.


  • Universal home cinema room with hidden screen & drop down projector (manufacturers please/brands used)
  • Underground wine cellar ( (manufacturers please/brands used or stock photos)
  • Mood lighting/scene lighting – for what? Where? Controlled how?  Bit more info needed.
  • Full music server with touchscreen control – For what, throughout the house or for home cinema (bands and manufacturers pls)
  • 8 x Full HD TV zones, with access to 5 Sky boxes/media HD player, Blurays & Apple TV’s – Why? One for each child, one for each bedroom?  One for guest room etc?
  • Intercom system with full remote auto key locking system (could this be controlled from anywhere)
  • Automated mirror/TV (love this, bit more info, where was it, for him/her)
  • Ceiling speakers throughout, all controlled via touch panels.


A pre-1900 six story listed building in Westminster was no challenge at all the Altus team who installed a full Smart Home Solution throughout this property.  Design challenges including 9” thick concrete walls, clay foundations and intricate interior designs and our inability to run cables on the exterior of the property were some of the challenges we faced.


A full smart home upgrade for a 19th Century property fitted with the latest in security and ultimate comfort with an underground wine cellar in the one of the most sought after and exclusive post codes in the world.

So impressed was the client with the work completed that we are now undertaking projects in London and the  South of France.


We quickly developed an understanding of our client’s lifestyle needs and expectations of their available budget to design a solution that meets their family needs and ensure the correct technology solution was discussed with the client.


After reviewing all of the potential suppliers with the client a Crestron (what make / model etc) system was chosen to allow the client the convenience of controlling any aspect of their smart home solution from any room in the house.

Project Specifics – Dealing with Listed Buildings

Altus creatively installed vertical steel cables runs inside the elevator shaft to create an aesthetically pleasing finish, hiding cable runs and preventing having to disturb any of the brickwork whilst servicing all technology from the top to the bottom of the residence.   As the interior design of the property was finished to an extremely high standard we matched the interior design to the display screens of the control panels to camouflage them on the walls.

Underground Wine Cellar

The underground wine cellar was created externally at the rear of the property. Altus managed the design, excavation, specification and completion of the entire project. The cellar needed to be excavated, damp proofed and a state of the art heating and cooling system installed to maintain the ambient temperature and humidity. The cellar was a cylindrical structure with a spiral staircase fitted with sensor so that a new light circuit was triggered at every 8th step leading into and out of the cellar. Finally, a hidden trap door with a PIN code access was installed to guarantee security from would be intruders.


As a CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Approved) Smart Home and Technology Services company our team work on bespoke projects from national infrastructure improvements to smart home and device supply and services.  Altus Digital Services have supplied, installed and programmed control systems nationally for the past five years.