Local Business


Large Haulage and Warehousing Company


To provide a conference desk, audio visual equipment to include projector and screen, lighting system and control system.


Our customer has opted for full conference suite facilities incorporating a full lighting system, RTI Control operation, in-wall keypads, desktop touch panels, Ceiling Speakers, 55” Samsung TV with tilt wall bracket and Panasonic WUXGA Projector. Full Kramer video distribution system.


  • Due to the ceiling grid being laid out with existing lighting and air con units prior to our involvement, options were limited and therefore a standard projector could not be accommodated due to focal lengths. We sourced a shorter throw projector that would project the required screen size image in the only location possible in the ceiling.   Several projector specs had to be examined to calculate the correct one.
  • A bespoke conferencing desk was also specified, and utmost care had to be taken jig sawing into this to mount the flush Kramer input boxes.


Originally specified for a CRESTRON provider we were able to deliver this work at 10% below the tender price delivering over and above the client expectations.  The business now has a bespoke conference facility to rival any other logistics provider.


Lighting system: Special attention was paid to the lighting circuit wiring as the room needed to be lit without causing too much light to interfere with the projector.   Therefore light circuits were carefully designed to allow switching off of any circuit that affected the screen, whilst leaving other circuits on for ambient levels.  RAKO was the chosen light manufacturer as it is economical for smaller circuit counts.

Audio: Monitor Audio C280s ceiling speakers were used to ensure good quality of sound and were flush fitted into the ceiling grid.  4 speakers were used as this ensured good coverage of the room.    An Apart Concept 1 was used for the amplification as it is RS232 controllable and has 4 audio inputs that can be switched.

Visual: Panasonic was specified as the projector with a lumen value of 4800.  It was WUXGA resolution and has a RS232 port for RTI control.  The screen was a recessed tensioned screen to allow for flush ceiling mounting and to prevent curling of the screen in the future.

A second TV was fitted as the client requested that any input is able to route to any output.  A special swap button was programmed to allow quick switching of inputs to the two different screens.

By employing a matrix unit, it was possible to have any HDMI input deployed to any screen in the venue.

For the conferencing facility, Kramer were the chosen brand, as they offer commercial solutions and longevity.  2 local input boxes with HDMI and VGA/audio were specified and fitted into the desk allowing a very discrete input option to the system.

System Control: An RTI control system was selected to maximise flexibility whilst maintaining the price point.  An in-wall and desktop controller were specified over an iPad to enable immediate wake up of RTI touch panels.

Network & Wi-fi: As the client has 12 sites, he had employed a dedicated IT Consultant. As such our team and their team worked closely to ensure the IT side of things was setup correctly for the conferencing suite.


Lighting system

  • 4 Channels of switched 230V circuits and 4 Channels of 230V Dimmed trailing edge circuits
  • 1 Lighting keypad with scene selection
  • RAKO Lighting control system with full iPad control via RTI


  • Ceiling speakers and amplifier with 2 audio inputs from desktop location
  • 1 audio input for Freeview box


  • 1 HD projector with good light output & ceiling bracket
  • 1 2m wide 16:9 tensioned electric drop down projector screen
  • 1 55” Samsung TV with tilt bracket
  • 2 input source locations on desk with HDMI or VGA
  • Any input to be able to be routed to any display device (HDMI Matrix)

System Control

  • RTI Control System and in-wall and desktop touch panels. Bespoke graphics to provide intuitive graphic user interface (GUI) whilst allowing increased flexibility.
  • Control system to control lighting and audio visual


As a CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Approved) Smart Home and Technology Services company our team work on bespoke projects from national infrastructure improvements to smart home and device supply and services.  Altus Digital Services have supplied, installed and programmed control systems nationally for the past five years.