About Altus AV

About Altus Av

Welcome to ALTUS AV - Your Trusted Partner in Audio-Visual Excellence!

With over 30 years of dedicated service in the Audio-Visual (AV) industry, ALTUS stands as a beacon of experience, innovation, and unparalleled expertise. Since our inception, we have been committed to delivering cutting-edge AV solutions that elevate the way you experience sound and visuals.

Established in 2016, Altus has delivered Audio Visual and Networking projects in France, Switzerland, Germany and the United Kingdom. Working with Ultra High Net Worth clients and FTSE 100 companies, Altus provides Commercial and Residential integration projects to the highest standards.

Our Core Beliefs

ALTUS has been a trailblazer in the AV landscape, witnessing and actively contributing to the transformative evolution of technology. Over the decades, we have adapted and thrived in an industry that moves at the speed of innovation, continuously refining our skills to meet the ever-changing demands of our clients.

We design our systems to work “right first time” and to be managed remotely and if we never need to go back to our client sites then we can provide a better service for our clients.

We are happy to work with all and any trades working on a project, even other AV companies. We recognise that our clients may have preferences for technology we don’t provide. If the client wants something we can’t offer then we work in partnership to make sure the client’s needs are met.

Technology changes every 18 months and we embrace change as it often means a better experience for our clients. We spend 20% of our time annually learning new technologies and recertifying in existing technologies.

Our 100% client retention rate on new installations shows that what we design and install means our clients stay content, this doesn’t mean we rest on laurels though, when newer technology is available we ensure our clients are aware of it.

Meet the team


The Founder of Altus is a project manager who has managed global deployments across four continents for his clients and managed delivery teams of 300+ across multiple locations. A Cisco trained and Dante certified network professional, Graham’s role is to help clients turn their dreams into reality by building close relationships with our customers.


With nearly two decades invested in the Information Technology sector. Prior to working for Altus, Mike had 13 years providing IT support and orchestrating key projects in areas such as cloud migration, data management, and cybersecurity. His expertise encompasses system monitoring, network configuration, server management, and disaster recovery planning.


With over 20 years of Audio Visual installation experience Leigh has been delivering turn key audio visual projects for clients for two decades. His expertise on designing and configuring AV systems for Ultra High Net Worth and commercial clients has seen him work on some of the most prestigious buildings in the UK.

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